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7:21pm - May 16 2022
National Anthem of LATVIA, arr. A Shilov
National Anthem of Latvia. Words and music written by one of the first Latvian composers Karlis Baumanis (Latvian Karlis Baumanis, 1835-1905).
As a prototype of the future national anthem, the song is performed on November 18, 1918 during time of the act of proclamation of the Republic of Latvia. The question of the anthem at that moment was not raised. This was not official. It is not clear why, but everyone understood that of the many beautiful, historical and patriotic songs, it is necessary to sing this particular folk prayer &quotDievs, sveti Latviju!&quot, - says the professor of the Music Academy. Yazepa Vitola Janis Kudins.
On June 7, 1920, the song became the official anthem of the Republic of Latvia, when the corresponding order was signed by the Minister of the Interior of the provisional government of Latvia, Arved Berg. Government newspaper Valdibas Vestnesis June 8, 1920 stipulated the procedure for applying anthem: “The national anthem is a folk solemn prayer. Its importance is underestimated if performed in inappropriate places and circumstances without necessity, seriousness and respect. Therefore, I forbid the performance of the national anthem in restaurants, hotels and cafes, canteens, gardens and other places of entertainment. The national anthem is allowed to be performed only at celebrations and gatherings. All present must stand and the men must remove their hats.
The score may be bought directly from me.

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