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Circus performance in Zagreb
The incredibly talented Circus the master of magic will be performing. The sense of pride, unity, and loving support among the people that emerge out of the our circus! Experience is overwhelmingly positive, and simply put, life-changing!
Event time
October 19 to 26, 2018
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The Circus the master of magic does not just put up the tent, collect ticket fees and move on. They work local community groups for the months leading up to the weekend of shows. They bring community leaders from all of the participating parks together to help share best practices in promoting, fundraising, recruiting and effectively utilizing volunteers to improve the park and surrounding neighborhood.
Coming to our circus performance and seeing average people do amazing things hooked me on Wise Fool. What a great marriage of hands-on experience, opportunity to feel good about yourself, and space to create change.
We invite you to our show!


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