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What does this have to do with us? What if Christians

The second, Abraham Lincoln, was raised in a religious household and spoke frequently about God (particularly as president), but never joined a church. Scholars have long debated Lincoln’s beliefs, including the question of , and some aspects of his faith .

While the most ingrained narratives of North American history depict it as a haven for minority sects, this varied considerably by colony. “People talk about the US as a Christian nation, but a better description would be a white Protestant nation that often made life uncomfortable for other groups,” says Turner.From the 1890s and especially during the Great Depression, Jews were the victims of both ambient antisemitic sentiments and violent hate crimes, especially in the of the north-east.

First John 5:16, two verses earlier: “If anyone sees his brother” — a Christian — “committing a sin not leading to death, he shall ask, and God will give him life.” So he can’t mean that Christians don’t sin, because he just gave instruction for how to help Christians who do sin.

For the last few years Christians have been singing worship songs that include lyrics like “ …” and yet have rejected refugees who’ve seen loved ones die beneath waves, who themselves have struggled to keep from drowning in oceans. Those American Christians — particularly white evangelicals — continue to sing the words: “ but fail to realize the shameful irony that they’re largely responsible for refusing shelter and opportunity to some of the world’s most helpless and oppressed people.

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