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All this trade talk can seem an impenetrable

Congress is at last taking energy policy seriously. This is probably bad news

And he&aposs like, no, I promised the American people this, and this the plan we&aposre going to execute on. And Reince said — and by the way that&aposs what you&aposve seen the executive orders, what the Supreme Court — the way he&aposs gone through the Supreme Court. And by the way the other 102 judges that we&aposre eventually going to pick, it&aposs just a methodical — and that&aposs what the mainstream media won&apost report.Hold on, let him think.

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But what do these balances mean in economic A country that runs a current-account deficit is spending more than it produces, making up the difference by borrowing from abroad. Put another way, the current account is the difference between how much a country saves and how much it invests. A rising current-account deficit could imply rising investment or falling saving, or both.

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