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You might get backed up on your heels with someone who

What can you do to ease the discomfort? First, learn the reason behind it—and then follow these expert guidelines to sidestep the pain. (Here are .)If you see the reset email in your inbox, please check all folders including junk and spam.

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• The higher the heel, the bigger the impact: One study found that four-inch stilettos can up the amount of pressure the front of the foot by 30 percent or more.Don&apost have an account yet?

• Your heel-to-toe transition becomes abrupt, forcing you to swap your natural stride for a staccato walk. Strutting like this all the time could usher in bone and nerve damage (not to mention blisters and ingrown toenails).

Sorry to hear you’re having such problems, Alex. I would suggest seeing a podiatrist or PT. It’s possible you have some interference between the heel bone and the achilles. Sometimes, this causes rubbing/tearing between the two and can result in consistent swelling you’re experiencing.The eccentric exercises are thought to damage the Achilles tendon, stripping away the misaligned tendon fibers and allowing the body to lay down new fibers that are closer in alignment to the healthy collage

As far as running shoes go, I’d like to get some as well. When I originally got IAT I always wore light-weight training shoes and was a heel-to-toe striker. After the year off of running I tried to switch running styles to a mid-foot or fore-foot strike, also in light-weight training shoes. Neither style seemed to make a difference, as my IAT returned after a few months of training. I’ve recently purchased a pair of Newtons and I like them a lot (don’t have to think about mid-foot strike a

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