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"I'm not surprised that vaccine hesitant parents reconsider their

Waiting to make sure our 5-month-old niece and 2 immune-compromised family members were going to be okay was indescribable. I had so much guilt and fear, there are no words to describe the waiting to hear if our infant niece was hospitalized or worse, all because of us.For more information on whooping cough, visit or talk to your health care provider.

It’s said that the true test of a person’s character is what he or she does and says when no one is watching. When it comes to science and medicine, naturopaths fail that of character.

What this patient probably has is pouchitis, a common late complication of J-pouches involving chronic inflammation of the pouch that occurs in 15-50% of patients. It’s a difficult and poorly understood complication whose etiology is thought to be and involve genetic, immune, microbial, and toxic mediators, with possible causes including fecal stasis, increased anaerobe/aerobe bacterial ratio, ischemia, and underlying disease. Also 1 to 2 cm of anal canal mucosa is usually retained can develop recurrent

So sorry about the long-winded comment here. I just feel like I have to bring up what isn’t usually a part of the conversation. Is vaccination really a choice for everyone? And are the poor another community benefiting from herd immunity?Thank you for sharing your family’s story.

I understand that you espouse the natural way to treat illnesses, etc., and seem to prefer the body’s own defense against the world. Does that mean that you have never used aspirin or other over the counter pain medicine? Since vaccines may require boosters, which you suggest means that they less than effective, does that mean that you take only one pill out of the prescription bottle? When it’s cold outside, do you send your kids out without a jacket, because their skin alone should be good eno

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