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This is something that every is guilty of sometime or the other. When you ‘jump the gun’, you act rather prematurely you act before the appropriate or proper time. The expression is mostly used when you do or say something without thinking things through. You take some course of action without having the full facts before you. The use of this idiom suggest that you are being impatient, and as a result will end up making an impulsive or unwise decision.Please enter a valid email address.

If he rubs your back, he probably seeks your comfort. This principle applies regardless of the type of hug he’s giving. Guys are notorious for not talking about their feelings, but this simple action speaks volumes. Perhaps he’s trying to be strong for you and doesn’t want to voice his feelings. Or maybe he is hurting right there with you. Don’t make light of his hug. Give him some extra attention and return the comfort to him.

Amen brother! You hit all my top beefs. If I have to mute my Mac due to your annoying website, then I don&apost need to stay longer 10 seconds.The worst is when you go to a website designer&aposs home page you see 75% of your list present.

“My boss asked me to start the presentation with a joke. So I attached my payslip to the first slide.” — *The secretary accused the boss of getting with her.

So here goes. I suffer from anxiety and i am pn a low dose of fluoxetine. Alot if my anxiety is health related and lately i have been waking during the night having these ‘episodes’ i basically feel...Assess your symptoms with our free symptom checker.

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