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The actor posted a brief video on showing his workout routine for the sequel. As if that wasn’t enough to stoke the fires of fans’ excitement for the upcoming film, Brolin upped ante by calling out co-star Reynolds with the hashtag “#ryanreynoldsismybitch.”

Later that same month, the Directors Guild of Canada confirmed that filming will begin on the sequel around June and continue through September 18. It missed that target by about a month.

• “He was a wealthy guy playing video poker… on cruises,” his brother said, adding that Stephen could afford anything he wanted and played $100-a-hand poker.The on the Las Vegas Strip was a retired accountant enjoyed playing $100-a-hand poker, his brother says.

• His father was a bank robber who spent years on the FBI’s most-wanted list, said brother Eric Paddock. The FBI lists the late Benjamin Hoskins Paddock as being on the FBI’s most-wanted list from June 10, 1969 until May 5, 1977.• The FAA website shows that the last time he went to get the medical certification required for private pilots who want to fly was 2008 so he could not have flown legally recently.

Just because there will only be six episodes doesn’t mean fans will lose out. In July, sound designer Paula Fairfield , an annual convention, that each episode would be film length. That means instead of the traditional 60-minute episodes we’re used to, each episode will run around 80 minutes. Another season of has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped thinking about what’s next.

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