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Is a painting in on measuring 73.5

This is particularly helpful when listing your paintings for sale in an online venue such as your website, Etsy, or another seller&amp#39s marketplace. It gives the art buyer a better idea of exactly what size finished piece of art is and they can compare it to space they have available .

The National Gallery’s catalogue entry on the painting notes: “After seeing a painting by in the Louvre in Paris, Matisse reworked the portrait extensively, broadening the arms and emphasising the curve of the eyebrows, to give the figure grandeur and monumentality.”The has been threatened legal action relating to a portrait by Henri Matisse, amid claims that it was stolen from its original owner shortly after the second world war.

The Torelli Nitro Express is built from Columbus Spirit triple-butted steel tubes. The top tube and down tube are drawn from 0.5 down to 0.38 mm wall thickness. The tubing makes for an extremely light and quick frame. The Niobium gives the frame advanced corrosion resistance.

It would be hard to tell age just by the picture. The back of the painting looks pretty clean, so I wouldn’t imagine it would be very old. So, it probably is worth little, if anything at all.

Width: 23mm Rebate Depth: 6mm Frame Depth: 15mm. This is a 1 inch wide silver dome frame with a smooth finish. Suitable for small artwork sizes only.Please scroll the list below to view our full range of liners:

Copyright © 2012 · · All Rights Reserved. | | | | Yes,I doubt it would be original also,but was wondering how old it might be?and value?If you want to view it here is the auction website it is first auction I believe,click on art.

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