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Please call 511 (TDD (hearing impaired line)/TTY: 1-800-448-9790 website:  to confirm transit information. This is wheelchair accessible.  

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Dog owners used to be faced with an unhappy dilemma when it came to traveling: leave their pups behind or stay in flea-bitten...Fed by underground springs, the desert comes alive here, not only with signature palms, but also with a string of resort communities—Palm Desert,...

In fact, there&aposs more to taste than sweet, sour, salty and bitter.  Most scientists agree that there&aposs a fifth distinct taste, called umami, identified by a scientist named Kikunae Ikeda in the early 1900s (and ignored by the West for most of the twentieth century).  This is the taste of glutamate.  It is common in Japanese foods, particularly kombu, a type of sea vegetable similar to kelp, and in bacon and monosodium glutamate (MSG), which Ikeda isolated and patented.  There&aposs considera

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