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For me, my best advice in using intuition in decision-making has been focusing on choices that expand my heart chakra vs. choices that contract it. If when considering a choice I feel expansion and lightness, I will take that heavily into consideration. If I feel a contraction or a pulling away, that’s my intuition telling me that choice is probably not for my highest good.Enter your name and email to get your customizable planning tool

Hey Marie! Happy New Year! This is an awesome episode. I love all your videos. They are so interesting, well structured and inspiring!I’ve been dealing with a situation where I’ve had intuition and logic really battling it out and my sister has been telling me to write that pro/con sheet, I keep talking to other people instead.

We make all sorts of assumptions about a person’s character based on their facial features – either within 30 milliseconds of meeting them or simply by looking at a very easy for people to dismiss gut instinct, or even unconscious thought, as silly or trivial.

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