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Enterprises should learn from a Microsoft Azure

If you can afford to ignore the 10 Microsoft then good for you. Otherwise, here they are.

Operate your business phone system in the cloud and eliminate the need for traditional PBX hardware and the associated maintenance costs. And because Phone System is built in Office 365, your system is always up to date with state-of-the art features. If you have Office 365 Enterprise E5, Phone System is included.

You can start with a straightforward connection to an Azure SQL Database, and create reports to monitor the progress of your business. Using the , you can create reports that identify trends and key performance indicators that move your business forward.There&amp#39s plenty more information for you to learn about .

. Xbox Live Rewards, available at , is a program you can join to receive Xbox credits for being active on the services. You must agree to receive promotional communications from the Rewards program as a condition of joining. You sign into Rewards using your Microsoft account, and the program collects personal data including first name, last name, gamertag, and demographic information. The program is hosted and operated by HelloWorld, a Microsoft vendor. The data collected is stored by the vendor on behalf o

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