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The person and the company I admire the most is Ray Dalio and Bridgewater Associates. I love that he is crazy successful while still being very humble and generous. This is something that you don’t usually see among super wealthy individuals.By clapping more or less, you can signal to us which stories really stand out.

I became more interested in saving after the financial crisis and of course saving and spending go hand in hand. I just felt it is an important time to try and figure those things out. This is the era for electronic money and when it comes to physical money we are kind of limited. What could we do after all? Not that much, but when it comes to electronic money we can do lots of things so we have this opportunity to do all kinds of things and that’s quite exciting if we do it right. If we do it wrong

To date, we have comprehensive research about children and television exposure, if not about interactive screens. However, there are a few things we do know. Most child development experts agree that while passive screen – such as putting your child in front of a device for a marathon – might be entertaining, it isn’t going to provide a rich learning experience. They also can show that having a video or TV on when a child is doing something else can distract them from play and learning, negatively af

Tim gave the example of a task that is boring and frustrating. “You’re able to look at it and assess it and say, ‘Oh, this is so boring and I find it so frustrating’, so you make a little game out of it. How can you make it interesting? So I might play a game of, ‘How many of these I get done in 20 minutes?’. And you find something to do–some competition within it, and so all of a sudden you make it interesting”, and much less boring and frustrating in the process.

But for him that lasted well over a year, much longer than I was in space. Despite the isolation, my experience was not something you can easily compare to those guys struggling on a daily basis just to survive.What does it feel to blast off from Earth in a rocket, knowing that you will not see your family, feel the wind on your face, or taste fresh-cooked food for a whole year?

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