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Why aren&apost YOU giving all this money charity? It&aposs your money.

During the July 22, 1941, dedication of the 162-foot high Kingsley Dam on Lake McConaughy in Nebraska, a copper time capsule was ceremoniously lowered into a 100-foot hole somewhere along the expanse of the three-mile long dam. To commemorate the event, photos were taken, including one of two 12-year old girls who were chosen to cut the ribbon on a derrick that deposited the canister into the shaft. The capsule was meant to remain sealed inside the dam until 2041, the 100th anniversary of the Kingsley const

Love reading all comments on gardening. I have tried all to stop the bulbs from being dug up or eaten. I’m going to cut a plastic top and bottom off and put on all my dahlias see if that will help. Oh well try something.thanks ,MonnaDon’t miss anything at A Garden for the House…

And by the way we fully recommend setting up OneDrive or iCloud—or a similar service like or —to automatically make backups of your most important files on the web. If your laptop should get stolen, your house should burn down, or you should accidentally a week&aposs worth of work, you can restore files from the web interface on all of these platforms.

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