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Our income tax system purports to be progressive. Yet one of the biggest tax breaks, the mortgage interest deduction, is anything but. This deduction allows homeowners to deduct mortgage interest payments on both a principal residence and one vacation property to reduce their income taxes due. But if you’re a renter, no such luck: someone making minimum wage cannot deduct his rent payment.Good record keeping is all it takes to avoid taxes on what some would say should be treated as untaxed compensation.

Section 121 lets an individual exclude from gross income up to $250,000 ($500,000 for a married couple filing jointly) of gains on the sale of real property if the owner owned and used it as for two of the five years before the date of sale. The two years of residency do not have to be continuous. An individual may meet the ownership and use tests during different 2-year periods. A taxpayer can move and claim the primary-residence exclusion every two years if living in an area where home prices are rising

Standard filtration or dialysis membranes - even when used with high-volume HF - have demonstrated only limited effectiveness in removing cytokines, the vast majority of which are water-soluble and of mid-range molecular weight (5 to 51 kDa) []. This is most likely attributable to the limited pore size of standard blood purification membranes. Recently, high cutoff (HCO) membranes with moderately larger pore sizes have been developed and found to have greater cytokine removal capacity compared with

Repeal of Section 1031 may bring immediate funds to the government, but would damage the national economy in the long-run, Harrison points out. He writes that repeal of like-kind exchanges would discourage business investment, cause longer holding periods for real estate, a decline of real estate prices, and a significant increase in rental prices–as much as 38 percent in highly-taxed markets. He cites the 2015 EY study on the potential repeal of Section 1031, and the 2015 study by Professors David C. Li

When it comes to trucking and transportation, our attorneys are with you from the start, emphasizing early response to losses. Our trucking and transportation attorneys are on call 24/7 to respond to serious accidents and emergencies by visiting accident scenes to gather and preserve evidence. This helps lay the groundwork for a careful investigation and vigorous claim defense. We have an established emergency response protocol, and will work with a team of accident reconstructionists, field investigat

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