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Carlos is a neuroscientist whose academic work

Matthew M. Botvinick, also PsychologyMala Murthy, also Molecular

Emmie is a PhD student jointly supervised by Amanda Seed and Jamie Ainge, studying the evolution and development of episodic cognition in children and non-human primates. is particularly interested in developing techniques that can be used to draw near-direct comparisons in memory function across taxa and across the lifespan.Josep is a Professor in Evolutionary Origins of Mind who studies causal and inferential reasoning, tool-use, long-term memory and planning, gestural communication and mindreading in gre

We use a combination of computational, behavioral, optogenetic, pharmacological, and electrophysiological techniques. We train rats to perform tasks that require cognitive components that we&amp#39re interested in studying. For example, we train them to remember a stimulus for a few seconds, they then compare it to a second stimulus and make a decision based on that comparison. Among other cognitive processes used in the task, correct decisions require remembering the first stimulus in the delay between the t

De Lillo, C., Floreano, D. &amp Antinucci, F. (2001) Transitive choices by a simple, fully connected, backpropagation neural network: implications for the comparative study of transitive inference. Animal Cognition, 4: 61-68.

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