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As you undertake a systems thinking process,

A is an interdependent group of parts forming a unified pattern. is the ability to see things as a whole (or holistically), including the many different types of relationships between the diverse elements of a complex system.

Three of the biggest breakthroughs in how we understand and successfully guide changes in ourselves, others and organizations systems theory, systems thinking and systems tools. To understand how they are used, we first must understand the concept of a system. Many of us have an intuitive understanding of the concept. However, we need to make that intuition even more explicit in order to use systems thinking and systems tools.

Acting on the system is the best leverage organisations have if they want to improve performance.  As management Guru said, 95% of performance is to the system and only 5% is down to your people, yet most management approaches still microfocus on people management, missing out on opportunities to achieve much more substantial and sustainable performance changes.  To get serious improvement, we will show you how to act on the system.  What distinguishes you from your competitors is your abili

A pile of sand is not a system. If you remove a sand particle, you have still got a pile of sand. However, a functioning car is a system. Remove the carburetor and you no longer have a working car.

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