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Many environmentalists opposed the TPP for fears it could increase

After the vote went against Ukip’s stance last week, Dartmouth said that the only way citizens can defeat TTIP now is vote to leave the . But that’s Ukip’s answer to everything.TTIP is not to be confused with TPP, which is the , involving 12 countries including the US, Australia and Brunei, and which, like TTIP, is still under negotiation.

We don&ampapost need new groups. We need unification of the groups/organizations we already have. If every well-meaning interest group from environmental organizations to labor to social justice continues to work on its own pet issue we will fail in the coming all out assault on every one of the issues each of those interest groups hold dear. IMO we must organize a union of those groups at the national level and focus all our attention on broad issues vital to the survival of this country. We are going to nee

Stock the day before the election when the FBI announced it was not going to reopen its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, a move investors bet would boost her chances of election. On Wednesday global markets crashed and the US looked set to follow in the wake of his surprise victory but on the back of a conciliatory victory speech from Trump.

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