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So how do we connect to this Must? How do we

If you’ve got a first degree connection, woo-hoo! .About half of the time, I’ll receive a response, and sometimes, our online conversation will actually evolve into a real informational interview.

Or, let’s imagine a scenario where you left an interview and . You dressed perfectly for the environment, paid attention to the small details, with a thoughtful and articulate answer, and gave off both a professional and personal vibe. By every measure, you nailed it.

At the end of the book, Bradshaw brings it all together by proposing four explanations of the human propensity for keeping pets. First, he reminds us of the idea that the loss of most of our body hair left us with a liking for stroking and grooming.

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For Bradshaw, the answer lies partly in the kinds of societies that kept animals. He reasons that in egalitarian, hunter-gatherer societies, animals be brought into the family and kept temporarily before being eaten or sacrificed, or perhaps kept more permanently. As these societies gave way to stratified, agricultural societies, the animals that were kept depended on their benefit to the household at that time.His second concerns the evolution of the human brain in a way that resulted in us being able to a

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