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Regulation of third-party funding is still scant in the U.S., and it varies widely in jurisdictions overseas. Here, Law360 lays out the patchwork of regulations governing the burgeoning industry. For politicians, the Ninth Circuit is almost synonymous with California, the headquarters of the liberal resistance to the Trump administration, and political battles in the state are likely to place a massive target on the back of the polarizing court.

Throughout the year, the Deseret News profiled Utah political leaders including state House Speaker Greg Hughes, Sen. Orrin Hatch and former Congressman Jason Chaffetz, exploring their motivations impact on Utah and the country.

Rather than adhering to any kind of journalistic standard when reporting the news, or — as is the case with liberal-leaning MSNBC — reporting truthfully on the news and offering ideological commentary grounded in facts, Fox News starts with their end goal in mind and works backwards. How can a news story be used to damage their viewers’ perceptions of President Obama or the Democratic Party? How can a news story be used to bolster Republican politicians, or advance the causes of Republican-leaning

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