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After the fourth rejection, I was angry. Yes, I’m

Every search committee interviews more than one candidate for every position and many interview more than a handful, so almost everyone faces rejection during a job search. How that rejection is handled can play a major role in how the candidate’s other opportunities will go. It isn’t easy being evaluated by others and then hearing that, in their opinion, you weren’t the best candidate in the pool. Getting rejected can be a huge blow to your ego. So how do you move past the hurt and into a

Perhaps that’s social-media hyperbole. Medical research is, by nature, an incremental quest for knowledge initially exploring avenues that quickly become dead ends are a feature, not a bug, in the process. Hopefully the new law will in fact help speed into existence cures that are effective and long-lived. But one lesson of modern medicine should by now be clear: Ineffective cures can be long-lived, too.

“You must have an angry n*gga exterior. You perfect angry exterior, and white curators, and gallery directors, and the general audience will kinda be more into your sh*t. Unapproachable. Think of that. Unapproachable.” ~ Hennessy Youngman, How to be a Successful Black ArtistSee newsletter for our partner events!

No. I do not accept it.

This absolutely happens – all the time! They have a business/organization to run and the employees, including hiring manager, have their own careers to manage.Good luck and all the very best, Chandlee

Step three is to realize almost no one will explain to you why you didn’t get the position. I’ve heard candidates say they wish they could get feedback from the interviewer about why they weren’t chosen, but there are several reasons why this rarely occurs. First, interviewers might not be able to any specific reason you weren’t selected. And if they did, it might not be something you can do anything about. Second, even if they wanted to give you feedback there can be legal reasons w

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