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If you&aposve been crash-free for a long period of time, don&apost get complacent. Remain vigilant and maintain your good driving habits.

Standard time, as originally proposed by Scottish-Canadian Sir in 1879, divided the world into twenty-four , each one covering 15 degrees of longitude. All clocks within each zone would be set to the same time as the others, but differed by one hour from those in the neighboring zones. The local time at the in Greenwich, England, was adopted as on 22 October 1884 at the end of the , leading to the widespread use of Greenwich Mean Time to set local clocks. This location was chosen because by 1884 two-third

Clouds are made of tiny water droplets or ice crystals that have condensed onto tiny pieces of sea salt, dust, smoke, or other particles in the air. Clouds have two major effects on weather and climate. Clouds reflect sunlight, which can keep surface temperatures cool. However, they also trap heat close to the Earth&aposs surface, which keeps temperatures warmer. Which one of these processes wins out depends on how thick the clouds are, and a number of other factors, including cloud type and thickness, the magn

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Larger cars are generally safer than smaller cars in an accident. Therefore, many larger cars with good safety ratings have lower premiums than smaller cars with otherwise similar ratings. However, cars with larger engines relative to body size tend have higher rates – for instance, insurance for a sports car with a V8 engine costs much more than a small car with a V4 engine.

What determines the length of a day on a particular planet? Put another way, what factors determine a planet&aposs period of rotation?T = 2 pi / (G M)^(1/2) ~ r^(3/2)/M^(1/2)

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