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Cars tend to bear the brunt when hailstorms hit,

Work together on different things, at all levels, and with urgency. Global warming touches on so many areas of life that it enables us to engage through whatever we find meaningful. have warmed to a depth of 2,000 metres, and even lower

Black Saturday is the official term given to the horrendous set of fires that struck the state of Victoria in 2009. The fires raged for over a month, leaving 4,500 square kilometres of land in their wake and tragically claiming the lives of 173 people.

A handy rule of thumb to Keep a record of every event that occurs as a result of the hurricane and get documented evidence or confirmation from airlines, local authorities, hotels or other businesses.The best way to understand cover and the claim process is to look at your Product Disclosure Statement.

Like every type of insurance there are conditions you need to pay attention to. In the majority of cases Australian travel insurance policies do cover you for unforeseen natural disasters that affect your holiday. However there are a few insurers where you to pay attention to their conditions of cover as explained in the table below.

Once you’ve got the green light from your insurer, make the payment, but forget to hold onto your receipts! before they agree to a payout, so keep hold of any evidence of the transaction, whether that is receipts, bank statements or any other documentation.

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