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When we think of ourselves, we identify

It is worth considering how a statement acknowledging the use of data to make more relevant recommendations and ads for consumers can be used to increase interest. It might be as simple as stating: These posts are recommended based on your browsing history, or Based on your previous purchase, you might like ... . 

To test this, we ran a third study—conceptually to our second study concerning trust betrayal by a close friend—but this time, we split participants into two age groups:  24-40 and 60-75. As in prior studies, we asked participants to indicate their levels of intellectual humility, consideration of others’ perspectives, acknowledgement that the future could unfold in many different ways, and concern for a compromise.Each of these questions helped us identify if participants were engaging in reason

For me a human need was the need for a Father figure, which helped me to find comfort in certain fictions. For others it might be simply the need to be understood and to find others like you. Perhaps someone who feels different, or outcast, could empathise with a character like the X-Men or Harry Potter – and perhaps reading about other people going through an analogous experience could even be therapeutic.If you can care a lot about a little white square getting obliterated then, there’s a good cha

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One of the great contributions of psychology and psychotherapy research is the idea that we can edit, revise and interpret the stories we tell about our lives even as we are constrained by the facts. A psychotherapist’s job is to work with patients to rewrite their stories in a more positive way. Through editing and reinterpreting his story with his therapist, the patient may come to realize that he is in control of his life and that some meaning can be gleaned his hardships. A of the scientific literatu

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