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The key British alternative rock band to emerge during the

Already the most popular pop group in Europe, the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan&aposs television show in early 1964. The following month, &aposI Wanna Hold Your Hand&apos shot to the top of the US charts, swiftly followed by their four previous singles. In March 1964, they occupied the top five chart positions in America. Beatlemania was born.

“I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, and it was crap”, Jackson, so she went advertising for bandmembers. Jackson had a useful arsenal of written and demo-ed songs, which guitarist Soph Nathann describes as a “bargaining chip”. Drummer Fern Ford was the first to sign up, followed by Nathann and bassist Celia Archer, all within weeks of each other. The group were swift to get the ball rolling and recorded their first single, Eureka Moment, “almost as soon as we formed”. Exposure on musi

A few guys get together and begin playing together under the name of the Strand. They are pretty unremarkable, but two of the members, Paul Cook and Steve Jones, would go on to become half of the Sex Pistols.Punk bands did continue to thrive on a smaller scale, though, and the &amp#3980s would still allow for several important bands to their careers.

If this duo’s name is puzzling (it’s Danish for “boys”), its song titles tell a clearer story. Drenge’s 2013 self-titled debut features grungy called “Bloodsports” and “Face Like a Skull,” and the lead single from the band’s forthcoming sophomore effort, , may be its ultimate statement of purpose: “We Can Do What We Want.” When Drenge played the tune for , it’s a wonder his audience didn’t go mental like the hooligans in the

Grunge’s gloominess and rebellion eventually merged into a broad mid-1990s genre of so-called “alternative” rock, which included all sorts of performers whose métier was swimming against the perceived mainstream—ranging from the harsh “industrial” sound of , to the jangly rock emotionally cathartic lyrics of . But singer-songwriters such as Tori Amos, whose piano melodies were matched lyrically with dense metaphors and feminist themes, also were considered alternative. And bands such as and ,

As underground dance music&aposs waters rise in America, Scuba has the right name and sound to swim to the top. Already a staple at European festivals and credible clubs like and Fabric, the Hotflush Recordings founder is coming off a 2014 campaign that included coveted U.S. bookings at Coachella and Electric Zoo. He should see his stateside profile continue to blossom with more than a little help from forthcoming full-length, .

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