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Be mindful of how these items are discarded in

I hate discarding gifts even if I hate the gift. It makes me feel guilty not to like what someone took the time to pick for me. Marie Kondo’s way to dealing with this gift-guilt trip is to realize you are not even enjoying that item and it is just piled somewhere in your house. Ideally, the person that gifted you that item would like for you to use it with joy.This post is dedicated to thanks for always being so kind!

There are many reasons that people may experience hoarding behaviour. Some of these reasons are that they believe the item may useful in the future, are unique or one of a kind, or have a deep sentimental value.Decision making, problem solving and organisational skills will also need to be improved for the treatment to be effective.

We go astray when we assume that our dark side is our true, real, essential, natural side. According to this view, the rules that govern social relations are luxury items, discarded in disaster as one might shed a gold bar while trying to escape a sinking ship. But the truth is that our daily lives are built on a multitude of civilities and cooperative exchanges between people, from opening a door for someone to maintaining city fire departments. And sure enough, when disaster strikes, people still routinel

Both bombs this morning appeared to slightly swollen, with a dark colored liquid, inside of it. This liquid could have easily been mistaken for left over soda.A woman residing in Wichita, Kansas, called police on 16 February 2013 after someone detonated bottle bombs nearby:

If you tidy your closet thoroughly, you also begin to understand the kind of items you already own. This enables you to make better decisions about what to add to your wardrobe and what you don’t need more of.A photo posted by (@) on

Komono (a Japanese word that means small articles or accessories) is where I found most of my JUNK. We all have old movies (throw that VHS out!), DVD’s, fancy soaps, old super dry 90’s makeup, bobby pins, etc and somehow we never know how we collected so much of these random items. This category is huge and includes many items, so you might have to include own subcategory if you own too much of one kind of item. I am talking to you beanie baby collector. Time to choose only the beanie babies tha

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