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Finally, the industrial strategy goals should have independent

It should also be an opportunity to create more open funding models that reward solutions from any source. Only a tiny fraction of the UK’s R&ampD spending is allocated using open innovation methods. It would be great to see a proportion of the Challenge Fund earmarked for more open, collaborative approaches and challenges.A would recast regulation to assist in the emergence of new technological tools, while also allowing faster responses to ensure that the public aren’t exploited and that new dangers are

In all three cases, members will seek to build groups of militant workers prepared to organise direct action – &aposworkplace committees&apos – which would organise independently in the workplace. Wherever there are multiple Solidarity Federation members in a workplace, they should immediately seek to form a workplace branch.

Information technology is a powerful tool for enabling value-based care. But introducing EMR without restructuring care delivery, measurement, and payment yields limited benefits. And siloed IT systems make cost and outcomes measurement virtually impossible, greatly impeding value improvement efforts.

Ten months after initial publication (and 16 months after Theresa May announced the intention), next week we are finally going to see the Government’s plan for the UK economy. There were promising signs in January’s - particularly its focus on innovation and the injection of an additional £4.7bn into the Government’s Research &amp Development budget, which included the creation of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.From Nesta’s ongoing work on understanding innovation and its impact, these are th

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