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After all, during the Obama years the stock market increased by

Mr. Trump, by contrast, became president during one the longest sustained bull markets in history, and stocks have continued to set record highs during his tenure.Trump’s, through Friday.

This doesn’t necessarily bode well. Taft’s return during his full term was slightly negative. Both Johnson and Kennedy ended up with below-average stock market performance. Truman, however, ranks fourth for annualized return with 15.56%. All figures include reinvested dividends.

The financial market research firm’s survey of presidential elections and the stock market since 1900 concludes that (even though voters tend to tire of two-term presidents and their political parties) the kind of market we’ve seen this year is, if anything, auspicious for the incumbent Democratic Party. “The stock market action so far this year is very much aligning up to support an incumbent party retaining the White House,” said Ed Clissold, chief United States strategist for Ned Davis Research a

U.S. stock markets have been breaking records lately. President Donald Trump has and he&ampaposs worried that perhaps you haven&ampapost. As he tweeted on Tuesday:

The date was March 3. A new president walked into the White House briefing room with the British prime minister. The stock market had dropped by a thousand points in the previous weeks, and no one knew just how long and how far it would fall. Investors were spooked pundits were anxious. The president had no intention of talking about the stock market but in response to a question he gave a perfect answer:“On the other hand, what you’re now seeing is profit and earning ratios are starting to get to the

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