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So much of our potential for growth and happiness is wrapped up in our own connectedness with Now. Through this ability to sense the hearts of our people, the practicalities of cause and effect and the natural timing of situations, “we become the transforming agent,” that is, expressing the Zen Leader in you.

If you’re in your early 20s, this is your moment. This is not the time to try to be practical and maximize your money so you can buy something flashy like a fancy car right out of school. This is the time to realize that you have a five-year window (give or take) for you to attack the life that you want to win. Travel with buddies and experience the world, start a band to hone your talents, or start networking while you’re still living in an apartment with eight other people. Since most of you have majo

In our company we understand that our clients are often distracted by as they make a about . Our commitment to allows us to help more and more people each day.

Don&apost you hate these questions? I do (or at least I used to).Again, these things might be “obvious” to you, but you to call them out now so you can strategically communicate them to your BEST client.

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