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Sometime around 1940, in an apparent effort

The desires of exclusionists conflicted with the needs of American businessmen. Despite worker outcry, there was no shortage of jobs, especially during the “roaring twenties.” This continuing demand for labor prompted the immigration of Filipinos, sometimes dubbed the “third wave” of Asian American immigrants. Wilcox, “Anti-Chinese Riots in Washington.” p.205-11

After January 1941, the Italians introduced the more modern M-13/40 tanks, grouped in motorized units and not thrown together as was done in the initial offensive. They also utilized their first company of armored cars, (RECAM). By early 1942, each armored division nominally had 47 armored reconnaissance cars and each motorized division had a battalion of M13/40s.Because of the inferior quality of the Italian aircraft against their British rivals, Italian sorties—with just 1,500 pounds of bombs per aircr

(examples: physics, climate change, etc.)

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