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Later 20th-century events included the 1982 broadcast

He went on to endorse Nixon in the 1968 presidential race and allowed that endorsement to be used in television commercials. He gave the invocation at Nixon’s 1969 inauguration and came to be described as Nixon’s unofficial White House chaplain.Please verify you&aposre not a robot by clicking the box.

The frustration over the lack of action and support for the Maori Broadcasting and the Kohanga Reo follow on primary programmes for bilingual education along with the Courts denial of Dun Mihaka&amp#039s right to use te reo in his own defence, led us all to believe that the language needed national status as a Official National Language to achieve the next stages of its revival. Consequently all efforts for some time went in to this goal . There were protest marches from 1980 in Wellington and TRM through Wha

Two British diplomats, Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean, were among five men recruited by the Soviet secret service, the KGB, at Cambridge University in the 1930s. The others were Harold (Kim) Philby, Anthony Blunt and John Cairncross. All had been involved in passing to the Soviets highly damaging military information, and the identities of British agents. Burgess and Maclean, who had fled Britain five years before, suddenly reappeared in the Soviet Union where they denied being spies. This Conservative vic

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