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People with bipolar disorder experience episodes of

Your doctor or mental health provider will assess you physically to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may be causing your manic or depressive states. If no underlying medical conditions present themselves, you are likely to be referred to a mental health provider for further diagnosis.This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

Many children with bipolar disorder also suffer from at least one co-occurring anxiety disorder. The age of onset for an anxiety disorder often precedes the age of onset for bipolar disorder. The co-occurrence of an anxiety disorder with bipolar disorder can worsen the symptoms and course of each disorder, so it’s essential that both are treated.Search our free ADAA member directory of licensed mental health providers who specialize in anxiety disorders, depression, OCD, PTSD, and related disorders.

Chelsea was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder and as having a current depressive episode. Her husband’s information about her moments of hypomania helped in making the diagnosis.Find answers to your questions about bipolar disorders written by leading psychiatrists.

The Canadian Mental Health Association promotes the mental health of all and supports the resilience and recovery of people experiencing a mental illness through public education, community-based research, advocacy, and direct services. Visit .I’m feeling little need sleep

The depressive phase of bipolar disorder is often very severe, and suicide is a major risk factor. In fact, people suffering from disorder are more likely to attempt suicide than those suffering from regular depression. Furthermore, their suicide attempts tend to be more lethal.We depend on support from our readers.

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