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“I found a lot of questions unanswerable because the

Jorge Luis Borges, the master dreamer, keenly analyzed this paradox in a short text he called “Dreamtigers.” After confessing to a passion for tigers, which he has loved since his childhood, he tells the reader that while he sleeps and dreams, he suddenly realizes that he is dreaming. “This is a dream,” he says to himself, “a pure entertainment of my will, and, since here I have unlimited power, I will bring a tiger into being.” But Borges then concludes:

During this process, I frequently find myself on a quest for answers. This pursuit often entails resolving issues, solving problems, exploring options, analyzing data, assessing situations or acquiring new information.I am a curious who is always searching – wondering, observing, exploring, analyzing and asking questions.

When a question is asked, Quora automatically assigns topics to it based upon the words in the questions. It’s a computer algorithm, so it often misses the true nature of the question. I always check the that were assigned to the question and add any that I feel are relevant and remove any that are off the mark.It depends upon many factor.

Does pornography lead to broken relationships, oppression of women and sexual aggression? Research suggests notThe internet is awash with misinformation about cancer, with potentially tragic consequences for patients

“They” often don’t. Professions of uncertainty on even basic scientific and technical questions have become something of an official refrain in Flint, and it’s one that residents like Luster and her daughter now hear, or infer, at almost every turn. What are the long-term implications of elevated blood lead levels? Should the water be used for showering? Does boiling help? What else might be coming out of the tap? Is it safe to drink now?In early July, I was set to meet Sullivan, the Kettering U

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