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—Rosabeth Kantor argues that cross-functional and cross boundary teams require

In the past year, a districtwide commission, working with the teams, schools, and community, developed a profile of the skills, abilities, and knowledge a Lake Washington graduate should possess. This profile has become a part of the district&aposs common vision. Concurrently, quality indicators—information, assessments, and measurements that tell us if we are on the right track—will be used to ascertain if we are increasing achievement for all students. will be our ultimate indicator of success. November 1

“Enterprise” emphasizes the multiple and complex interdependencies that exist in a network of value-creating activities. From pharmaceuticals to music, the interdependencies and network of value-creating activities are paramount. While some pharmaceutical companies have emphasized developing networks of relationships with other research organizations, others, such as GlaxoSmithKline, have broken up their organization into smaller biotech-style organizations in the hope of creating a more entrepr

McGuire, John B, and Gary B Rhodes. . San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Print.

Individual buildings also function as work teams. Like the larger team, building principals and their staffs are developing processes and a decision-making model that will harness the creativity and participation of teachers staff. November 1992 | Volume | Number Pages 68-70

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