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The action is completed.

Zapier will now ask you to choose or connect your specific

Zaps divide into “” and ““. Basically here you can determine, if something is supposed to happen in different software based on what you do in TimeCamp – or vice versa, if something that you do in different software () will make changes to your TimeCamp account ().Now, let’s take a look at the result:

5. The Zapier page will automatically open in a new tab. Click on Login and Login with your Zapier credentials (or make a new account):You can now see that your Demio account is connected with Zapier, but in order to Integrate Zapier with Demio, we have to connect this to an .

Run the test to let Zapier find an existing row in your spreadsheet. Click on ‘create and Continue’The ‘Lookup value’ is a particular cell in your ‘Lookup’ column that will enable Zapier to find the first matching row and provide you with all its information.

In the new pop-up window, you will add your (User) and (Password). You can find this information on the page in your Mailjet account.… and you have successfully set your Trigger!

There will be a test page to make sure that Zapier can successfully create the To-Do. Test the connection and make sure that a new To-Do appears on your Habitica account (you may have to select the sync button).

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