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“Mobile will overcome desktops as screens get smaller and smaller.” — Laura Sellers-Earl, East Oregonian Media Group director of digital development  Click below to download and install the App.

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Rather than pointing out silver linings or urging our buds to keep their chins up, Marigold advises to engage our listening skills, pay attention to the emotional content of what our friends are saying, and validate what they&aposre feeling. This doesn’t mean you have to agree with them—especially not if they’re telling you how worthless, stupid, or otherwise defective they are as people. But, she says, a genuine attempt to convey that their frustration is perfectly reasonable appropriate—à la “That

The power is off at Jurassic Park and all your favorite third-party retailers are huddled together in their green-and-yellow Ford Explorer. Their teeth are chattering and their knees are knocking as the earth shakes with every approaching footstep. But it’s not a pissed-off Tyrannosaurus rex that’s coming to devour them. It’s Amazon.

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