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Perfectionism is the death of creativity. Don’t worry about

What I have seen in my time at university is an epidemic of students struggling with mental health difficulties. Every term more students – the Cambridge term for taking some time out.

Then we start all over again. but we make the standards EVEN higher now, because we&aposre mad at ourselves for screwing up before.© Project Life Mastery Inc.

I&aposm excited to introduce you to Kisha Dingle, founder of . Kisha was one of my coaching clients and has successfully built her online brand with Visionary Legacy Project, which is a blog designed to helping others create their vision and transform their lives. In this article, Kisha shares how you can cure your perfectionism and learn how to stop to do everything right. Enjoy!

I needed this so badly. Thanks so much. This is exactly what has been holding me back. Thanks for the great

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