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“The creative sector likes to portray itself as tolerant, meritocratic and

We proposed that men and women find their purpose within themselves, that they disdain all the traditional crutches, like God and flag. But were we then to blame because many seemed to have heard only that the old constraints had been abolished and ignored the call to find new obligations on own?A cautionary tale about the importance of independent media abroad

Note, however, that the creation of new positions for diversity management may have its own disadvantages, inadvertently diverting minority employees away from more desirable management trajectories. , ), for example, finds that upwardly mobile blacks are frequently tracked into racialized management jobs or into that specifically deal with diversity issues, with black customers, or with relations with the black community. According to Collins, these jobs are also characterized by greater vulnerability to d

In , it is illegal for the government to collect information on people the basis of race. And yet millions of immigrants — and the children and grandchildren of immigrants — fester in slums.Still the relatively painless movement toward greater diversity should not be dismissed as mere window dressing.

The specific ways in which the poor and poverty are recognized frame them in a negative light. In development literature, poverty becomes something to be eradicated, or, attacked. It is always portrayed as a singular problem to be fixed. When a negative view of poverty (as an animate object) is fostered, it can often lead to an extension of negativity to those who are experiencing it. This in turn can lead to justification of inequalities through the idea of the deserving poor. Even if thought patterns do n

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