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The Spotify Service and the content provided through it are

“Starbucks has a rich music heritage and customers who are passionate music fans which makes us incredibly proud to be their music partner,” said Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify. “Spotify has powered more than 25 Billion hours listening around the world so far, and we’re looking forward to creating unique in-store music experiences while also making more than 20 years of popular Starbucks music available to both Starbucks customers and Spotify’s 60 Million global music fans.”

Most importantly for the day: Spotify&aposs much-anticipated video offerings, which seem most parallel to new features . A long list of content partners will be providing short-form video -- comedy clips, news, interviews, music videos -- for the platform to offer users, much like Snapchat&aposs Discovery feature, though Spotify has signed up many more content partners and has a wider worldwide reach. (Not to mention an older audience, or at least a wider demographic base.) As well, the company secured radio integr

For more than four decades, Starbucks has built a differentiated Third Place experience with music at the heart of its coffeehouse culture. In 1994, a dedicated entertainment team began selecting original CDs spanning a diversity of musical genres and geographies. This program has spotlighted the extraordinary careers of legendary artists such as the late John Lennon, Aretha Franklin and Bonnie Raitt, among many others. Bob Dylan, Yo-Yo Ma, the Rolling Stones and Ray are among the legends who identified the

As with the above example, data can reflect something big and cultural, but it can also be drilled down to the individual level as well. That’s why Spotify’s creative team spends time creating ads and other content that is extremely targeted to customer niches, or particular neighborhoods.As a fan, you get more enjoyment out of the product, and that greater enjoyment will affect retention rates.

With 70 million subscribers and a broader base of active users at least twice that amount, Spotify has always had a big opportunity to expand its massive music menu to other kinds of content. But the streaming service has notched a mixed track record on that front in recent years as executives charged with seizing […]That Holt isn’t swearing off original video entirely for the future, though it’s not something he’s currently developing.

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