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Current NASA projects, such as the Deep Space Gateway (DSG) and

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The docking section of the module would have four ports for manned spacecraft, including Russia&aposs new-generation crew vehicle and the . In case the lunar lander was designed to be reusable, it could be refueled while docked at the LMSM module from special tankers pumping propellant via transit lines of the node section. The module could also have a smaller port for robotic vehicles, such as an ascent stage of the sample return carrying soil from the lunar surface.The Russian concept of the Lunar Mission Su

Unlike the ISS, the DSG would not be continuously inhabited. Current plans call for one annual 42-day visit by a four-member crew, at first. When unoccupied, instruments on the DSG could continue to collect useful scientific data, especially when close to the moon. It won’t be placed into a low lunar orbit, but into special points in space such as where the gravitational attraction between the Earth and moon are balanced. This allows it to follow a “near rectilinear halo orbit” (see video

Accommodation of the Lunar Mission Support Module, LMSM, under a payload fairing of NASA&aposs SLS rocket also carrying the Orion spacecraft. Credit: RKK specifications of the Lunar Mission Support Module:

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