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The first step of any Zap is to set up a

We&amp#39ve built a powerful integration with Zapier, leveraging all of their platform&amp#39s great features. Once you&amp#39ve signed up for a Zapier account, you can add the Kayako app and get right to automating.Read on for more specifics on how to the Kayako app in your Zaps.

We’ve always nurtured an open culture at Databox, where we encourage everyone to freely share their knowledge, experience and points of view. We are proud that our product helps other companies do the same by making all of their data available to any employee on any device. But, the first step is pulling data into Databox. To help our customers do that, we’ve built a platform with many connectors available out-of-the-box. But, to enable our customers to connect even more data sources, we have also i

Filters are not required for all Zaps to work. But for some of them, they are absolutely necessary to get proper functionality. These Filters allow you to narrow down events, and allow you to proceed only if certain criteria are met.If you ever need to view logs associated with Zapier, there is a link to that page as well.

Most people will only see one account here, but if you’re , select the most relevant account for integration. In the example above, the user is recruiting for a company called Big Elephant, so that has been selected.Select the ‘New Candidate’ trigger that appears and click ‘Continue’.

To get started, you’ll first need to in Databox. You can that by in our . This will generate a unique push token that will allow Zapier to send data to your Databox account.If you prefer text and pictures, follow the directions below.

From there, you’ll click 3rd Party Apps. If you don’t see it there, you’ll need to contact your Customer Success Manager and it set up.Click the link in the Documentation page and that will take us to our next step.

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