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Charisse Montecalbo

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Charisse Montecalbo
4 Video Marketing Hacks to Make Your Strategy Kick Ass
Video Marketing works and they attract traffic, make your message be delivered better by targeting multiple senses, and contribute to converting customers. In fact, more people are more likely to click on a video than an image. If you haven’t tried video marketing into your digital strategy, then you better add it ASAP! But not all videos are created equal. You don’t want audiences not finishing your videos at all. Some key reasons why people tend to not finish videos is because a) it’s boring, b) it does not provide value for them, c) it’s irritating. There are many reasons but these are the common ones. So how can you make your first foray into video marketing a success? Here are some tips.
4:08am - Sep 11 2018 Tuesday
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