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A daily workspace reservation costs 2 credits. Conference room reservations vary depending on the size of room and length of reservation. You can edit your reservations both via the Member Network and on the WeWork app.

A is created by selecting from the account dropdown menu next to your avatar. Doing so will also enable the team settings page on your account.This tutorial will explain how teams work and how you can use the feature.

All plans include a monthly credit allocation that can be used to reserve both conference rooms and workspaces at virtually all WeWork locations worldwide (the number offered are specific to membership type and office size). Reservations can be made online or on-the-go via our mobile app.This plan includes access to our digital Member Network, events and services, 24/7 keycard access at your primary building, as well as 5 monthly credits for reserving workspaces and conference rooms.

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We’re sorry your question wasn’t answered. For detailed information on account management, visit our . To talk to the Customer Care team, please contact 877-224-9476 or email, you can easily place a vacation hold, report a delivery problem, or make a payment from your online account 24/7.

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