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: All instance types that support enhanced

Before temporary disks, if FME was writing temporary files it would use the local Even though the local SSD was fast, the disk was small and could not be increased in size. This meant if an FME workflow required more temp space than available, it would fail without a workaround. With the new temporary disks, it is now possible to pick an appropriate size and performance for your workflow (for the most customers, the default of 10GB should work just fine).

These instance types are recommended. Instance types with similar vCPU and Memory are also supported.

With the two new CentOS-based AMIs, I added new Packer builder types to New Relic’s main Packer template. This allows these AMIs to be easily used our configuration management tools to launch new enhanced networking–ready CentOS hosts. Here’s what the ENA Packer builder looks like, following internal conventions for naming and tagging:

The primary benefit to using PV AMIs to deploy SoftNAS® is the ability to attach a much higher count of EBS volumes.  This is based on the volume naming convention used by PV virtualization.  While HVM only supports limited alpha characters for volume naming, PV supports the ability to add numeric at the end of the volume name.  For PV, AWS supports EBS volume naming of /dev/sd[f-p][1-6].  This means that up to 66 EBS volumes can be attached to a PV instance providing a total raw EBS

When provisioning disk storage for latency-sensitive workloads, consider SSD options, as well as storage capacity and throughput. A single storage account can support up to 20 VMs, but I/O limits can impair performance when multiple VMs try to access storage at the time. Group disks and to the group to boost capacity and IOPS for more demanding applications.For enterprise data protection needs, Microsoft&aposs Azure Backup offering might suit organizations that need a unified approach to ...

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