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Hi Lynn! That sounds like a great plan. I love

Even if elite research universities are the best option for him, the odds of getting into some of the private universities — even for valedictorians — is remote. Here are some acceptance rates for schools on the teenager’s wish list: While it should be easier to get into the University of Michigan and the University of Virginia for this stellar student, the price could be sky high.

That opens up great schools for intellectuals like Reed College, the University of Chicago, , Williams, Carleton, and Oberlin in addition to schools with engineering undergrad degrees. Swarthmore would also be a good option. Since it sounds like this student is looking for intellectual challenge – and lots of it – these schools would be worth looking at, although they are very different in character and feel than UVA.Follow Lynn on other social media platforms or subscribe to The College Solutio

With “no travel restrictions” it sounds like money is not an issue for this family and if that is the case, and with his academic then why not look at some “big name” schools? If he has the extracurriculars to go along with his academics and test scores then he might have great success with his applications – some kids do! Once again, thank you for all the information you wrote in this post

Thank you for the back story of the sisters, and your story about listening to God’s voice. I so often, nearly always, wonder where God’s voice is in my life. I wonder if it isn’t my own voice. Only in hindsight do I find God’s leading.All you books bring me joy laughter and a few tears

When you move to Hawaii, don’t procrastinate on switching your documents like your license and tags. Having proof that you’re a Hawaiian resident rather than a tourist can get you discounts on rates at some hotels and restaurants. And driving around with a tag is a dead giveaway that you’re not a local and you’ll stick out like a sore haole thumb. I VE been to all the islands except Molokai..THE Most Beautiful Islands in the World to me..Each Island is different and it is truly Paradise, un believa

Swarthmore has an engineering school and is strong in the liberal arts. Harvey Mudd is science-tech + liberal arts and an impressive curriculum. Both would stretch the student’s intellectual curiosity and are part of a consortium, offering lots of classes. All in all, this student should look for the place that first and foremost will challenge him the most for the cost. The ability to take graduate-level classes (whether they’re just “regular” senior classes if the college has a lot

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