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Gerwig wrote in the film’s production notes

Something in ‘Lady Bird’ that I was really conscious of is, while I feel like there are plenty of coming-of-age stories, generally when they’re about a girl, it’s about a guy. There’s one guy, that’s the thing that we’re focused on and the character has some form of validation through being chosen by him, and that’s how we know she counts. And I think there are lots of coming-of-age stories about boys where the question is not are they going to find a romantic

“There’s a core of emotional reality,” she told . “Nothing in the movie literally happened in my life, but it all rhymed with the truth.”Now, with critical acclaim piling up and a promising awards season looming, Gerwig will likely have many opportunities to bring her cinematic style to the mainstream.

Much of &aposs emotional heft on the titular character&aposs constant squabbling with a short-tempered mom who loves her daughter but can&apost seem to express it. (The film&aposs working title was .) Neither a savior nor an outright villain, Metcalf performs the role with admirable complexity.

The film is an honest and poignant journey through Lady Bird&aposs senior year of high school. It&aposs both specific and universal - with first loves, first let-downs, and a complicated mother/daughter dynamic. She told the movie&aposs record-breaking positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes is deeply meaningful.

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