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Rather, the sequence is multiply iterated. At each

This chapter shows you how to structure the flow of control through a PL/SQL program. PL/SQL provides conditional tests, loops, and branches that let you produce well-structured programs.Another example of an -- statement is .

Therefore, to compute fib(5), the program computes fib(4) and fib(3). To computer fib(4), computes fib(3) and fib(2). Notice that the fib procedure calls itself twice at the last line. Two observations can be obtained from the definition and the program:The Program 4 is wrong, there should be one temp value to store the last execution result,

2) If you need to check whether the result is getting too large (e.g. in the standard factorial example) then recursion (e.g. fac(500) ) will cause you to go through all recursions and then back up until you notice the numbers get too large. Iterations will throw you that error much more efficiently.I love recursion… Thanks for this excellent

Where the can be character or numeric. When the DO loop executes, it executes once for each item the series. The index variable equals the value of the current item. You must use commas to separate items in a series. To list items in a series, you must specifytells SAS to create an index variable called , start at 2, increment by 2, and end at 12, so that the values of from iteration to iteration are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12.

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