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At least personally, I find women who are capable

We have been conducting mentoring programmes in private industries and the public sector since 1998. However, there is no reason why mentoring should not also be productive in the academic sector, since the requirements of a leading position in a high-tech company are similar to of a professor or a director of a research institute.

And if the person to whom you’re speaking gets pissed? Provided you’ve respectfully expressed a desire to be alone, that reaction’s definitely coming from their issues, she says, not yours.Unless you roll into the office in sweatpants and a food-stained T-shirt or flagrantly flout the dress code required of a certain situation, attempting to atone for who you are and how you decided to style your hair today is positively uncalled for.

This also applies to begging forgiveness for being “oversensitive,” Breines adds. When we apologize for feeling hurt (or even passionate about something), we minimize ourselves in a misguided attempt to protect others.When we jump into mea culpas for, say, looking , having a bad hair day, or wearing an outfit that causes stares, we’re really expressing a lack of self-compassion, Breines explains.

You want someone who believes in you (faith), applies the same rules to themselves and you and in doing so gives you opportunity (character), and will not back down in their support of you (determination). Love is the application of this by choice rather than obligation. It is not just the contract of marriage, but the unwillingness to default on the contract which makes love an important factor here.

When I cross a parking lot at night and see a ahead of me, I do whatever I feel is appropriate to make her aware of me so that a) I don’t startle her b) she has time to make herself feel safe/comfortable and c) if it’s possible, I can approach in a way that’s clearly friendly, in order to let her know I’m not a threat. I do this because I’m a man.· Defining “womanhood” as submissive and sexually passive

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