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After three years, when the ostriches were

Ostriches stand up to be eight feet tall and can weigh up four hundred pounds. When threatened, ostriches snap their beak and kick. Ostriches have long muscular legs with two sharp toes, not an animal you would want to kick you.

The archaeological records of eggshells fragments, beads and rock shelter paintings discovered at Indian sites are consistent with our genetic study, which is the first molecular evidence indicating the presence of ostriches in India. These evidences further endorse the biogeographical movement of ostriches in India when Indo-Madagascar broke apart []. Furthermore, this genetic characterization of fossil eggshells is important in studying aspects to biology, ecology and extinction of this species.

I think the earliest records of grain storage of any sort only went back to about 11,000 BCE – much, much younger than this egg art.

The size of reticulocytes in male adult ostriches was similar to those in black headed gull and Japanese quail. The reticulocytes in male adult ostriches were 9.89 ± 3.26 µm in length and 7.78 ± 2.95 µm in width. The number of reticulocytes 6.00 ± 0.70 percent of the entire peripheral blood cells. It is approximately similar to those in chickens and black headed gull.The morphology of the cellular elements in the blood of male adult ostrich is presented in -.

Farmers would take a sack and put it over the ostriches head, making the ostrich compliant. The farmer would then begin plucking the exotic plumes from the animal procuring to ten. These plumes could be sold up to $40 each. The ostrich farm of San José began with a shop adjacent to their farm but after a few prosperous years, the shop moved to the Hotel St. James. This shop was known as the San José Ostrich company and shoppers could purchase a variety of dyed plumes, boas and novelty items.

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