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You touched on the concept of differing timelines.

Let’s dive into jumping parallel timelines. Exciting! We do this all the time, quite literally, because as you know, there is no time. Linear time is an illusion. It is simply matter of Consciousness jumping from one parallel configuration of energy to another parallel configuration of the universe.

Generally thought of as the movement and use of hands upper extremities, fine motor skills include reaching, grasping and manipulating objects with your hands. This is a list of fine motor skills children should demonstrate between the ages of 0-2 years.

The Republicans were in severe turmoil at their convention, where moderates and battled for control of the party. Ultimately, the conservatives secured the nomination of Senator , who to President , Kennedy’s vice president and successor. By the party’s moderate faction regained control and again nominated Nixon, who the popular vote over , Johnson’s vice president. Many Southern Democrats abandoned the party to vote for the anti-integration candidate . Importantly, the 1964 and 1968 elections si

In 1952 the Republican Party nominated as its presidential candidate supreme Allied commander , who easily defeated Democrat in the . Despite Eisenhower’s centrist views, the Republican platform was essentially conservative, calling for a strong anticommunist stance in , reductions in government regulation of the economy, lower taxes for the wealthy, and resistance to federal legislation. Nevertheless, Eisenhower did dispatch federal troops to in 1957 to enforce the court-ordered racial of a in he

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